Are Tanning Tablets Safe to Use?

If you long for a golden glow but are worried about the effects of UV rays on your skin, you might have considered other tanning options.

Spray tans are one alternative but they can be streaky, messy and don’t always look completely natural.

One of the newest ways to get all-over colour is to use tanning tablets, but are they safe to use? Here’s a look at the facts.


No risk of cancer from UV rays

Most people feel better with a golden glow and a little sunlight can be beneficial to your health. However, being exposed to sufficient UV rays to get a tan means sustaining potentially harmful damage.

As well as premature ageing, wrinkling and other cosmetic concerns, getting a tan via UV rays means increasing your risk of skin cancer significantly. And this applies to using sunbeds, as well as getting a tan outdoors. In fact, anyone who uses a sunbed below the age of 35 increases their chances of getting skin cancer by 75%.

With tanning tablets, although sunlight will certainly enhance their effect, allowing you to get a deeper tan more quickly, you don’t actually need any UV exposure at all. The all natural ingredients work with your body, producing the same glow as if you’d been sunbathing – but without any of the risks. Tanning tablets will not increase your risk of skin cancer, giving them a huge advantage in the quest for the perfect colour that doesn’t compromise safety.

Tanning Tablets Contain Natural ingredients

Popping a pill to get a tan couldn’t be easier but it’s always good to be cautious about what you’re taking. If you don’t carefully check the contents of any pills or tablets you could be loading yourself up with chemicals or other nasties without realising it!

microcrystalline-celluloseNot all tanning tablets are made with the same ingredients so it’s important to look for a brand such as Rio Tanning Tablets which are entirely safe.

All of the ingredients in Rio Tanning Tablets have been passed as safe for use in humans by the FDA so you can have complete confidence in what you’re taking. In addition, many of the ingredients in tanning tablets have extra health benefits too. For example, microcrystalline cellulose, used as an anti-caking agent, can help those who are trying to lose weight by acting as a bulking agent while PABA is sold as a health supplement on its own as an aid to reducing inflammation.

Whatever tanning tablet you choose, make sure you check out the list of ingredients to make sure what you’re taking is natural and not harmful. You can find more info about the benefits on the Rio Tanning Tablets website.

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