Are Tanning Tablets Safe to Use?

If you long for a golden glow but are worried about the effects of UV rays on your skin, you might have considered other tanning options.

Spray tans are one alternative but they can be streaky, messy and don’t always look completely natural.

One of the newest ways to get all-over colour is to use tanning tablets, but are they safe to use? Here’s a look at the facts.


No risk of cancer from UV rays

Most people feel better with a golden glow and a little sunlight can be beneficial to your health. However, being exposed to sufficient UV rays to get a tan means sustaining potentially harmful damage.

As well as premature ageing, wrinkling and other cosmetic concerns, getting a tan via UV rays means increasing your risk of skin cancer significantly. And this applies to using sunbeds, as well as getting a tan outdoors. In fact, anyone who uses a sunbed below the age of 35 increases their chances of getting skin cancer by 75%.

With tanning tablets, although sunlight will certainly enhance their effect, allowing you to get a deeper tan more quickly, you don’t actually need any UV exposure at all. The all natural ingredients work with your body, producing the same glow as if you’d been sunbathing – but without any of the risks. Tanning tablets will not increase your risk of skin cancer, giving them a huge advantage in the quest for the perfect colour that doesn’t compromise safety.

Tanning Tablets Contain Natural ingredients

Popping a pill to get a tan couldn’t be easier but it’s always good to be cautious about what you’re taking. If you don’t carefully check the contents of any pills or tablets you could be loading yourself up with chemicals or other nasties without realising it!

microcrystalline-celluloseNot all tanning tablets are made with the same ingredients so it’s important to look for a brand such as Rio Tanning Tablets which are entirely safe.

All of the ingredients in Rio Tanning Tablets have been passed as safe for use in humans by the FDA so you can have complete confidence in what you’re taking. In addition, many of the ingredients in tanning tablets have extra health benefits too. For example, microcrystalline cellulose, used as an anti-caking agent, can help those who are trying to lose weight by acting as a bulking agent while PABA is sold as a health supplement on its own as an aid to reducing inflammation.

Whatever tanning tablet you choose, make sure you check out the list of ingredients to make sure what you’re taking is natural and not harmful. You can find more info about the benefits on the Rio Tanning Tablets website.

Best Exercises to Hit Shoulders

Shoulders are certainly one of the most conspicuous body parts. Whether a person is fully dressed or not, it can actually make him look broader. When it comes to bodybuilders and people who exercise every day, this body part can make their waist look smaller without actually losing any inches. Besides, correct shoulder training is helpful in developing one’s chest and back faster.

For starters, the shoulder muscles have three deltoid heads: the front or anterior, the medial or side, and the rear. Each area needs to be worked to the fullest. Here are best exercises to hit the shoulders:

  1. Barbell Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is a mainstay exercise and the pressing movement mainly hits the medial and anterior deltoids. The shoulder press can be performed using a machine, together with barbell or dumbbells. Dumbbells are more preferable since there is less limitation, and the muscles are allowed to move in their natural plan, a factor which is most important. When pressing the weight, you should try to avoid locking your elbows because locking them will not only lessen the resistance, but also put unnecessary pressure on the elbow joint.

  1. The Seated Side Lateral Raise

The side lateral raise is very good for working the side deltoids. This exercise can be implemented using dumbbells.  A low pulley cable can also be used. Some people mostly prefer to kick off their routine with this exercise to help them lift as much as they possibly can. However, form should never be sacrificed in order to lift heavy weights.

Many people tend to either lift insufficient weight or perform this movement wrongly. You should remember to lift the dumbbells only as high as your shoulders and at the same time keep your elbow a little bit loose.

  1. Front Raise and Pullover

The front raise is a forgotten exercise for the simple reason that you will not turn heads while performing this movement. There are various methods that can be used to burn the front deltoids. Alternating dumbbells plus the low cable pulley having a short bar are the two of the preferred methods.  Also, this exercise can be performed while one is holding a plate as if holding a car steering wheel.  Actually, the key for this workout is to maintain a minor flexion at the elbow while one lifts the weight just above the shoulder level.

  1. Smith Machine Upright Row

The upright row is the exercise to do in order for you to tie in the front deltoids. By this movement you can pick your resistance including a low cable pulley, dumbbells or barbell. The low cable may be more preferable due to the continuous tension. Here the key is actually to squeeze on the upper part of the movement, holding on for a beat. Furthermore, the shoulder shrugs work the traps – but that is all.  The upright row is recommended for beginners as it exercises more than a single muscle group.

  1. Lying Rear Delt Raise

The rear deltoids are normally worked during most back movements hence not as much exertion is required. Although there are machines which specially work this area, dumbbells can be used. Whichever way, the workout is performed in the similar manner in which you prefer to perform a reverse chest fly.  Since this is certainly a true feel exercise, lighter weight is recommended.

Overall, these exercises provide complete shoulder development. However, to prevent the body from adapting to any movement, the exercises should be changed from week to week. It is also recommended that for each shoulder exercise, you should choose 3 exercises and finish 3 working sets of 10-12 repetitions. Also, remember to do a shoulder warm up using lighter weight.

FST-7 Training Explained

FST7 is a training system which targets the fascia layer that is located directly below the skin and above the muscles. FST is an acronym for Fascial Stretch Training and is the brainchild of Hany Rambod, a much sought after bodybuilding trainer. The system involves seven sets which are performed for a final exercise.

FST7 has been used exclusively with a list of Hany’s star-studded upper echelon athletes for several years. However, it is only recently that the idea behind this method, which is stretching the fascial layer to the capacity to facilitate greater muscle growth, was unveiled to the wider public. Although the system looks quite simple, as a matter of fact, it can take many diverse forms and can be applied to achieve several goals.

FST-7 Method of Training Explained

What Fascia Is

The human body has three types of fascia, but here we looking at deep fascia. Well, deep fascia refers to that thick fibrous connective tissue surrounding the muscles, bones, nerves together with the blood vessels in the body.  There are some people who have a denser fascia than others. It is the fascia that dictates a person’s degree of expansion and flexibility.  A thicker fascia will restrict the muscles, making it hard for them to expand while a thinner fascial provides additional room for the muscles to enlarge and grow.

picture of jeremy buendia and hany rambod

FST-7 method of training is actually based on the theory that the potential quantity of muscle that you will build is to a great extent dictated by your genes together with the thickness that surrounds the belly muscle. For instance, an individual with a thicker fascia is likely to be more restricted hence less likely to build mass, compared to an individual with a thinner fascia.

Strength in the Elasticity

The FST-7 is intended to stretch your deep fascia so as to provide more extension and elasticity, and a better development of muscles. The FST-7 training system differs from other methods of stretching your fascia in that it stretches the fascia from inside out. This enables bodybuilders to capitalize on the fascia which they were born with, making best use of their muscles.

FST-7 training is a dual training system based on two principles. The first one is that tougher muscle is a bigger muscle, meaning that it will still be necessary for you to maintain a particular minimal strength level and will have to gain strength as you attempt to grow bigger.

The second principle is centred more around the fascia itself together with the belief that this fascia can be expanded by way of a large number of sets, hence the 7 sets, as well as pumping an equally high volume of nutrient-rich blood into the muscle bellies to facilitate the expansion of the fascia. The least amount of rest (30 to 45 seconds) is allowed in between the sets after completing your base sets consisting of heavier movements.

Those heavier movements may comprise of between 1 to 3 sets. Some people do high intensity set, probably just one working set. At times they can perform 2 or 3 working sets. However, those are only the base workouts, the initial two or three exercises prior to the FST-7 exercise.

The final set is totally about volume. But that shouldn’t be construed to mean that one should go so light, thinking that it has to do wholly with the pump. A person has to still use some heavy weight to be able to feel the 8 to 12 reps, actually in some instances, as high as 15 reps.

There are more advanced forms of FST-7. Actually, the basic program is comprised of three exercises that have the FST-7 set at the very conclusion. It is four exercises for bigger body parts such as the legs. For this particular part, there will have to be three base exercises, with the fourth one being an FST-7 exercise.  That set will consist of 7 sets back –to-back with rests in between lasting 30-to-45 seconds only.

From a beginner to the highly advanced expert, FST-7 has its place, and it will actually change the bodybuilders’ perception of training for maximum results.

CrossFit Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that CrossFit is one of the hottest training trends nowadays. It has gone to the extent of becoming the “thing to do” in every corner of the world, thanks to ESPN and Reebok’s help. Their audience has grown fanatically.

Exercise is very important. As a matter of fact, the world is far too fat to be just sitting around and eating junk food all day long.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a method of exercise and diet. It was developed by Greg Glassman in 2000, and claims to “forge elite fitness”. It advocates a combination of aerobic exercise, body weight exercises (gymnastics), as well as Olympic weight lifting. CrossFit workouts are usually short, lasting only 30 minutes or less. They are intense and need maximal physical exertion.

man flipping a tyre

These movements are mixed into a high intensity interval known as a “Workout of the Day” (WOD).  The WODs are not only competitive, but also intense and very demanding on your body. You are usually required to work against time in order to complete your WOD, and the faster you do it, the fitter you become. CrossFit is basically targeted at your aerobic system. The general CrossFit lifts and movements need proper skill, accuracy and general strength. These movements must be mastered to avoid injuries.


Nutrition – Unlike other systems, CrossFit underscores the importance of healthy diet and incorporates it in its fitness strategy.

Affordability – People of all income levels can access CrossFit gyms since they are comparatively cheaper, with less high-tech equipment involved.

Portability – Cross Fitters are taught ways they can use their own body weight to create some challenging routines any place they may be, and anytime (outside the gym).

Community – CrossFit helps a lot in building community. It makes everyone to feel welcome, and as such, peer support promotes consistency in participation.


No Personalization

While CrossFit does a good job of inspiring and motivating people, it lacks personalization. This refers to tailoring a workout program for an individual. CrossFit usually gears training for a group setting. But it is wrong to assign a similar workout for beginners and advanced trainees. Obviously, there can’t be a one size fits all program for everybody always.

No Programming

There is really need for programming. It is necessary to address the individual plus their specific needs to obtain solid and safe results. People differ and so have different strengths and weaknesses. The key to genuine fitness is personalization because it actually zeros in on a person’s weakness and rectifies them, enhances his strength, and avoids future injury.  The majority of CrossFit instructors don’t program but just follow WOD posted on their website. Since WOD comprises of power and strength lifts blended together into a single high intensity interval, it is not possible to address anybody’s specific needs by applying a WOD randomly.

No Scalability

CrossFit lacks scalability. It is not logical to apply a WOD to a CrossFit beginner who lacks strength.  There are some instructors who scale down the WOD’s according to the level of fitness. But for sure “Fran”, which is another CrossFit WOD, is not suitable for someone’s maiden workout.

Although CrossFit offers some great HIIT and nutrition principles that can be useful in optimizing one’s health, it should be approached cautiously. CrossFit may be ideal for people who enjoy strength training and love comradeship but are capable of resisting the temptation to push themselves into the injury zone.

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Why Muscles Appear Bigger When Tanned

Tanning is a wonderful way to make a person’s body look even more muscular. According to professionals, this is because every shade darker a person becomes, he will look 10% more defined. So, this means the darker the person is, the better. Actually, this has been proven true, no matter the exact percentage.

Have you ever wondered why fitness competitors and bodybuilders always try to look as dark as they possibly can? Well, they definitely know something that probably you know nothing about. They all tan because they are aware that the darker they are, the more defined they will look.

Slight Shadow Effect

Muscle definition is harder to notice on white, pale skin.  The “whiter” the skin a person has, the less chances their muscles will be showcased with proper contrast on their skin. When a person is very dark, he creates an impression of muscularity. This is because shadows are created around their muscle crevices that highlight their muscles and make them noticeable. However, a person’s abs can actually benefit from tanning only if they are slightly noticeable. Tanning ought to be used as a final touch. Unfortunately, tanning cannot make up for those with over about 13% to 15% body fat.

When you have a tan, it automatically becomes easy for the curves of your body to stand out.  The grooves of your shoulders and abs muscles will be conspicuous because of a small shadow effect.  However, you don’t need to go to the extreme. In fact for most people, only a shadow or two darker will do just fine.

side bicep posing tanned bodybuilder

In addition, tanning is good when it comes to “drying” out a person by making him sweat. The less water retention a person has, the more defined he will appear. It is really important to know this in regards to tanning.

In the world of bodybuilding, tanning to make the arms appear bigger is not only one of the most popular but also most effective strategies.  If your skin doesn’t have colour and you look white and pale, you can be sure the size of your arms will not impress anyone.  Using a natural looking tanning product provides the quickest solution that will enable you to look leaner and more muscular promptly.

Illusion of Lean Body, Well-developed Muscles

Without a tan, your muscles will not look all that impressive.  This is why physique contestants, fitness models and bodybuilders depend on tanning products to provide them with the illusion of a lean body and well-developed muscles.  Tanned people usually look leaner hence more muscular than they may really be.

The majority of the competitive bodybuilders, fitness competitors and professional models understand the importance of having a tan for them to make the body look stunning. A tanned skin gives the illusion of a leaner body; this in turn makes the muscles look fuller, bigger and more well-defined.

If you want to look more toned, like the professional models, fitness models and competitive bodybuilders do before they walk on stage, go for a tan.  Tanning will go a long way in making you look impressive before a date night with someone special, beach day or another important occasion.

PCT For Steroids & SARMs

Post cycle therapy (PCT) is a technique of using drugs which work through several mechanisms in an attempt to stabilize and restore the hormones of a user back to normal after a suppressive anabolic and androgenic (AAS) cycle has been stopped.

A user is usually left in a state where their natural testosterone production has been inhibited, in some cases severely, the moment they have stopped using anabolic and androgenic steroids.  Besides, steroids levels are constantly decreasing in their bodies. This leaves the user in an extremely catabolic state post cycle and this may be reflected in their ability to retain muscle mass that they gained in the course of the cycle. That is why it is often suggested that you stimulate natural production and allow your body to return to normal.

When we talk of steroid, we actually mean anabolic steroid. This is an artificial substance that has the same effects to the testosterone in the body and this includes not only augmented muscle growth but also recovery, strength and leanness.

Steroids normally achieve this through many different mechanisms but results in the same thing – increased rates of protein synthesis or a significant reduction in protein degradation rates, or even both – leading to accelerated muscle growth.

The Main Purpose of PCT

The main objective of PCT is to stimulate the natural production of testosterone and enhance or make the whole recovery process shorter.  It must be clearly understood that there is no PCT plan in existence that is capable of returning a person’s natural testosterone levels to where they were before steroid use.  Also, if there has been improper anabolic steroids supplementation and has led to serious damage to HPTA, there is no known PCT plan that can be of help. Anyway, assuming that the cycle was appropriate, a PCT phase will by design stimulate the pituitary to release additional Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH).  The testicles will in turn be stimulated for further production of testosterone.

Steroid Cleanse

In the absence of such a post cycle therapy plan, it may easily take about a year or more for the body to recover the natural levels, which is not only stressful to it, but it could result into several low testosterone symptoms. Apart from that, it is very unhealthy. On the other hand, when you are applying your PCT treatment, you will reduce your total recovery time considerably.  However, there is something that is more important; although your body’s natural levels will not be totally regained you will have made sure that your body has adequate testosterone not only for proper health, but also for it to operate as your natural levels continue to increase naturally.

You can opt to skip such a plan, but you will only be straining your body, yet limiting stress is partly the real definition of effective performance enhancement. In any case, if you are stressing your body after the cycle, it actually means that your steroid supplementation has not been as effective as it could have been.

Post Cycle Therapy Alternatives

Since you know what PCT is, when and why you need to implement it, it is important for you to understand how to implement it as well as the options available. This will be determined by the way in which you cycled your anabolic steroids. . But no matter your steroid use, the PCT plan must include SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator), and Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate). These will always be your best options.

Updated – SARMs do Need PCT After All

For years now its been believed that SARMs do not need a PCT once the cycle has finished. This is one of the major reasons why some people prefer SARMs such as Cardarine. But it has come to light that SARMs do suppress natural testosterone levels while on cycle. In these instances its advised to run a PCT to get your levels back to normal as soon as possible to help you retain your new gains and for therapeutic purposes also.

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Anadrol (Oxymetholone) Report

Anadrol, commonly referred to by athletes either as “A50” or “A-bombs”, was originally produced as a compound with the intention of helping those people with anaemia.  Oxymetholone refers to the active ingredient in Anadrol. From the time it was first produced, Anadrol has been used effectively to help people suffering from various ailments where weight loss is an issue. As such, it is obviously an effective agent not just for encouraging weight gain, but also for improving appetite, gaining strength and boosting Red Blood Cell count. Ironically, although Syntex, its original manufacturer touted one of Anadrol’s benefits as stimulating weight gain via increasing appetite, if taken in excess it might actually inhibit the user’s appetite.

Anadrol is regarded as possibly second only to Dianabol as a body building anabolic steroid. And just like most of AAS (Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids), Anadrol has its disadvantages also.  It inhibits the body’s natural production of hormones.

Effects of Anadrol on the Body

Anadrol is actually a DHT-derived compound. The steroid is 17-Alpha-Alkylated, which means it has been changed at the 17th carbon position in order to survive oral intake.  A good number of steroids are 17aa, something that enables them to pass through the liver in a beneficial form.

arnold schwarzenegger posing

When it comes to side effects, many have been of the subjective opinion that Anadrol is a harsh drug. However, medical findings as well as findings of several athletes are somewhat different. Anadrol’s side effects are both easily preventable and manageable. Obviously, this steroid’s hepatoxity has been somewhat exaggerated in some circles.

There are some severe effects that are at times apparent in bodybuilding, which mostly or only occur when estrogen levels are raised. Oxymetholone neither aromatizes itself nor has estrogenic activity, but it might interfere with the metabolism of estrogen.  Whether or not it is the cause of the problem, controlling estradiol levels makes Anadrol the same as the other oral anabolic steroids in terms of side effects. Estradiol levels can be regulated by using aromatase inhibitors like Letrozole or Arimidex, or alternatively by controlling the use of steroids that aromatize, for example testosterone.

Anadrol and Liver Toxicity

As it is the case for all the alkylated oral anabolic steroids, liver toxicity is the main side effect of concern. But this can be addressed by limiting Anadrol’s period of use to 6 to 8 weeks, as well as allowing appropriate time off the drug after each time of use. The liver normally rejuvenates rapidly, so duration of even half the period of use is mostly adequate, even though permitting an equivalent duration is more conventional.

Women are advised not to use Anadrol 50, owing to its strong and partially irreversible phenomenal masculinization effects.

Using Anadrol together with injectable anabolic steroids offers one of the most successful ways to enhance a steroid cycle. Alternatively, Dianabol can also be used. Usually a user can choose between Anadrol and Dianabol as it is not necessary to use both of them. When used according to the guidelines, side effects are usually extremely tolerable and the health risk posed will be slight enough to be normally acceptable, going by bodybuilding standards.