CrossFit Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that CrossFit is one of the hottest training trends nowadays. It has gone to the extent of becoming the “thing to do” in every corner of the world, thanks to ESPN and Reebok’s help. Their audience has grown fanatically.

Exercise is very important. As a matter of fact, the world is far too fat to be just sitting around and eating junk food all day long.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a method of exercise and diet. It was developed by Greg Glassman in 2000, and claims to “forge elite fitness”. It advocates a combination of aerobic exercise, body weight exercises (gymnastics), as well as Olympic weight lifting. CrossFit workouts are usually short, lasting only 30 minutes or less. They are intense and need maximal physical exertion.

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These movements are mixed into a high intensity interval known as a “Workout of the Day” (WOD).  The WODs are not only competitive, but also intense and very demanding on your body. You are usually required to work against time in order to complete your WOD, and the faster you do it, the fitter you become. CrossFit is basically targeted at your aerobic system. The general CrossFit lifts and movements need proper skill, accuracy and general strength. These movements must be mastered to avoid injuries.


Nutrition – Unlike other systems, CrossFit underscores the importance of healthy diet and incorporates it in its fitness strategy.

Affordability – People of all income levels can access CrossFit gyms since they are comparatively cheaper, with less high-tech equipment involved.

Portability – Cross Fitters are taught ways they can use their own body weight to create some challenging routines any place they may be, and anytime (outside the gym).

Community – CrossFit helps a lot in building community. It makes everyone to feel welcome, and as such, peer support promotes consistency in participation.


No Personalization

While CrossFit does a good job of inspiring and motivating people, it lacks personalization. This refers to tailoring a workout program for an individual. CrossFit usually gears training for a group setting. But it is wrong to assign a similar workout for beginners and advanced trainees. Obviously, there can’t be a one size fits all program for everybody always.

No Programming

There is really need for programming. It is necessary to address the individual plus their specific needs to obtain solid and safe results. People differ and so have different strengths and weaknesses. The key to genuine fitness is personalization because it actually zeros in on a person’s weakness and rectifies them, enhances his strength, and avoids future injury.  The majority of CrossFit instructors don’t program but just follow WOD posted on their website. Since WOD comprises of power and strength lifts blended together into a single high intensity interval, it is not possible to address anybody’s specific needs by applying a WOD randomly.

No Scalability

CrossFit lacks scalability. It is not logical to apply a WOD to a CrossFit beginner who lacks strength.  There are some instructors who scale down the WOD’s according to the level of fitness. But for sure “Fran”, which is another CrossFit WOD, is not suitable for someone’s maiden workout.

Although CrossFit offers some great HIIT and nutrition principles that can be useful in optimizing one’s health, it should be approached cautiously. CrossFit may be ideal for people who enjoy strength training and love comradeship but are capable of resisting the temptation to push themselves into the injury zone.

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