Best Exercises to Hit Shoulders

Shoulders are certainly one of the most conspicuous body parts. Whether a person is fully dressed or not, it can actually make him look broader. When it comes to bodybuilders and people who exercise every day, this body part can make their waist look smaller without actually losing any inches. Besides, correct shoulder training is helpful in developing one’s chest and back faster.

For starters, the shoulder muscles have three deltoid heads: the front or anterior, the medial or side, and the rear. Each area needs to be worked to the fullest. Here are best exercises to hit the shoulders:

  1. Barbell Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is a mainstay exercise and the pressing movement mainly hits the medial and anterior deltoids. The shoulder press can be performed using a machine, together with barbell or dumbbells. Dumbbells are more preferable since there is less limitation, and the muscles are allowed to move in their natural plan, a factor which is most important. When pressing the weight, you should try to avoid locking your elbows because locking them will not only lessen the resistance, but also put unnecessary pressure on the elbow joint.

  1. The Seated Side Lateral Raise

The side lateral raise is very good for working the side deltoids. This exercise can be implemented using dumbbells.  A low pulley cable can also be used. Some people mostly prefer to kick off their routine with this exercise to help them lift as much as they possibly can. However, form should never be sacrificed in order to lift heavy weights.

Many people tend to either lift insufficient weight or perform this movement wrongly. You should remember to lift the dumbbells only as high as your shoulders and at the same time keep your elbow a little bit loose.

  1. Front Raise and Pullover

The front raise is a forgotten exercise for the simple reason that you will not turn heads while performing this movement. There are various methods that can be used to burn the front deltoids. Alternating dumbbells plus the low cable pulley having a short bar are the two of the preferred methods.  Also, this exercise can be performed while one is holding a plate as if holding a car steering wheel.  Actually, the key for this workout is to maintain a minor flexion at the elbow while one lifts the weight just above the shoulder level.

  1. Smith Machine Upright Row

The upright row is the exercise to do in order for you to tie in the front deltoids. By this movement you can pick your resistance including a low cable pulley, dumbbells or barbell. The low cable may be more preferable due to the continuous tension. Here the key is actually to squeeze on the upper part of the movement, holding on for a beat. Furthermore, the shoulder shrugs work the traps – but that is all.  The upright row is recommended for beginners as it exercises more than a single muscle group.

  1. Lying Rear Delt Raise

The rear deltoids are normally worked during most back movements hence not as much exertion is required. Although there are machines which specially work this area, dumbbells can be used. Whichever way, the workout is performed in the similar manner in which you prefer to perform a reverse chest fly.  Since this is certainly a true feel exercise, lighter weight is recommended.

Overall, these exercises provide complete shoulder development. However, to prevent the body from adapting to any movement, the exercises should be changed from week to week. It is also recommended that for each shoulder exercise, you should choose 3 exercises and finish 3 working sets of 10-12 repetitions. Also, remember to do a shoulder warm up using lighter weight.

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