Why Muscles Appear Bigger When Tanned

Tanning is a wonderful way to make a person’s body look even more muscular. According to professionals, this is because every shade darker a person becomes, he will look 10% more defined. So, this means the darker the person is, the better. Actually, this has been proven true, no matter the exact percentage.

Have you ever wondered why fitness competitors and bodybuilders always try to look as dark as they possibly can? Well, they definitely know something that probably you know nothing about. They all tan because they are aware that the darker they are, the more defined they will look.

Slight Shadow Effect

Muscle definition is harder to notice on white, pale skin.  The “whiter” the skin a person has, the less chances their muscles will be showcased with proper contrast on their skin. When a person is very dark, he creates an impression of muscularity. This is because shadows are created around their muscle crevices that highlight their muscles and make them noticeable. However, a person’s abs can actually benefit from tanning only if they are slightly noticeable. Tanning ought to be used as a final touch. Unfortunately, tanning cannot make up for those with over about 13% to 15% body fat.

When you have a tan, it automatically becomes easy for the curves of your body to stand out.  The grooves of your shoulders and abs muscles will be conspicuous because of a small shadow effect.  However, you don’t need to go to the extreme. In fact for most people, only a shadow or two darker will do just fine.

side bicep posing tanned bodybuilder

In addition, tanning is good when it comes to “drying” out a person by making him sweat. The less water retention a person has, the more defined he will appear. It is really important to know this in regards to tanning.

In the world of bodybuilding, tanning to make the arms appear bigger is not only one of the most popular but also most effective strategies.  If your skin doesn’t have colour and you look white and pale, you can be sure the size of your arms will not impress anyone.  Using a natural looking tanning product provides the quickest solution that will enable you to look leaner and more muscular promptly.

Illusion of Lean Body, Well-developed Muscles

Without a tan, your muscles will not look all that impressive.  This is why physique contestants, fitness models and bodybuilders depend on tanning products to provide them with the illusion of a lean body and well-developed muscles.  Tanned people usually look leaner hence more muscular than they may really be.

The majority of the competitive bodybuilders, fitness competitors and professional models understand the importance of having a tan for them to make the body look stunning. A tanned skin gives the illusion of a leaner body; this in turn makes the muscles look fuller, bigger and more well-defined.

If you want to look more toned, like the professional models, fitness models and competitive bodybuilders do before they walk on stage, go for a tan.  Tanning will go a long way in making you look impressive before a date night with someone special, beach day or another important occasion.

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